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Concrete Protection - Waterproofing

Through the experience that has obtained and the collaboration it preserves with most of the recognized material provider companies,  CERS has developed a vast number of services for the protection of concrete.
Such services are divided into waterproofing, thermal proofing and protection of concrete against chemical attack.
Whereas the thermal proofing works tend to be more usual, the remaining two categories vary from the different causes to the plurality of the treatment materials.
In cases of demanding waterproofing either above or below the ground level, hydrophobic surface materials against positive or negative hydrostatic pressures or even crystalline technology (through the concrete pores) tend to be used. Where small or severe leakages are identified, the injection of polyurethane or acrylic resins is often mandatory.
Each approach should be chosen considering not only the sealing success but also the lifespan of the system, the possible breathing need, the osmosis, the compatibility of different technologies and materials etc.
Most demanding are the projects that require the protection of concrete against chemical attack, a sector that CERS has an important experience and excellent results, mostly in industrial or infrastructure projects (oil & gas refineries, desalination plants, power plants etc.). In these cases the material is chosen / proposed based on the resistance it provides for the exact chemical element and compound causes the attack. The application itself varies due to the on-site conditions not only of the plant but the climate as well. The precautionary measures are truly demanding in such projects. CERS, having successfully completed a vast number of appropriate training of both the Engineering and the working staff reassures the safe completion of each project and the certified application of each solution.