Non Vibrating Diamond Sawing of Concrete

Testing of Current Structures

Non Destructive & Destructive Concrete Testing

Stone made structures & Listed buildings

Post Fire Concrete Testing

Structural Rehabilitation – Protection of Current Structures

Infrastructure Redevelopment in New Medical Equipment Areas

Project Management

Concrete Quality Management


Our Projects

CERS-WORKSHere you can see the projects of CERS Structural Rehabilitation company...


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The Founding Engineers

cers-mixanikoi-imageThe engineers that form the central core, carry a long experience in the field of Structural Rehabilitation & Strengthening, the Non Destructive Testing & Investigation Works, the diagnosis and repair of post fire concrete (PFCE : Post Fire Concrete Evaluation) as well as the Project Management of new projects.

In addition they have performed several Concrete Quality Management projects (CQM).

The team of Engineers

CERS team of Engineers both in Greece and Cyprus consists of 11 further Civil Engineers, 2 Architects, 2 Mechanical Engineers and 1 Landscape Engineer.

Athanasios Mandelos, Civil Engineer NTUA,
George Makris, Civil Engineer NTUA and
Dimitrios Balis, Civil Engineer NTUA, MSc, DIC,