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Shotcrete (dry mix  /wet mix)

The most conventional today method for structural rehabilitation / strengthening of reinforced concrete or masonry made constructions remains the dry or wet mix reinforced shotcrete. In general, the steel reinforcement consists of rebar addition to the desired direction, the addition of confinement rebars and at last the shearing cooperation of the shotcrete with the reinforced element through steel dowels or bolts.
The application of shotcrete varies from the final width to the mixing of the concrete (dry mix / wet mix shotcrete).
In each project, apart from the structural design details, the mix design of the material according to the specific needs is the key factor that combined with the necessary experience and know-how provide CERS with the ability to successfully complete any assigned project.
All the shotcreting works are conducted according to the Greek Technical Procedures  (ELOT ΤP 1501-14-01-14-00:2009 ¨Rehabilitation-Strengthening of concrete made constructions with reinforced shotcrete¨) and wherever project that does not cover, according to the American Standard  ACI 506R-05.

On site tests that CERS conducts to the shotcrete:

1. Compressive Strength measurements of three cylindrical shotcrete speciments in collaboration with a
     certified laboratory.
2. Electrical resistivity measurement at a specimen of dimensions 100x40x20 mm.
3. Measurement of the uniformity of the shotcrerte’s compressive strength  through pulse velocity
     (standard deviation < 800 m/sec, velocity > 3000 m/sec.)
4. Adhesion testing according to the EN 1542 (min. 1,70 MPa)
5. Pull out testing before and after 20 days of the shotcrete application (1 measurement per 20 m2).

On site tests that CERS conducts to the steel welding/anchoring
Pull-off testing of at least five anchors according to the ΕΝ 1881 (displacements <0,6mm at load of 70 kN).