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Injections (cement – epoxy – PU – grouting mortar)

During a rehabilitation project CERS is often called to repair cracks in concrete elements, to fill cavities in anchoring levels or seal any cavity/crack for waterproofing (with or without ongoing leakage).
In the case of concrete cracks, the sealing is achieved through the low viscosity epoxy resin injecting. The method statement includes the surface cleaning, the placement of plastic injection nipples and surface sealing with 2 component epoxy resin and finally the injection of a low viscosity epoxy resin by pressure with special equipment.
In the cases of cavity sealing, usually in the anchoring level, CERS uses non shrinking grouting mortars of an injectable form that present high premature and final compressive strength (usually about 3 times more than an ordinary concrete casting). The equipment CERS uses differs from the first case and is compatible with the vast majority of the acknowledged materials.
Finally, in the cases of waterproofing injections in concrete made structures, the usual method consists of polyurethane or acrylic resin injecting. The suitable material depends on the volume of the leakage, the kind of the waterproofing and the material active life and maturity. The injections are carried out through metallic or rubber made injection valve – packers placed at a specific formation regarding the crack direction and depending on the wall width. Thus, a possible loss of material, especially in cases of ¨blind¨ concrete walls of the structure (e.g. basements, water tanks containing potable or not water etc.).