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Non Destructive & Destructive Concrete Testing

Over the last years, CERS specializes in the sector of Test & Evaluation of Current Structures made either from Reinforced Concrete or Stone/Masonry using Non Destructive Methods (N.D.T). Studying all International Regulations, Standards and the international  & domestic references, a proper database has been created so as the final service will be utmost reliable and integrated. Furthermore, destructive concrete core testing can be provided (in collaboration with several certified laboratories). Ideally, the two categories/methods can be combined for an even more complete result.

The conducted tests refer to the following categories:

Concrete tests:

  • Non-destructive methods

      - Steel nail Pull out Testing
      - Schmidt Rebound Hammer Testing
      - Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing
      - Alkalinity measurements
      - Chloride concentration measurements
      - Humidity imprint
      - Electrical resistance measurements
      - Half-cell potential measurements
      - Chemical analysis

  • Destructive methods

      - Concrete Core Testing


Steel rebars tests

  • Non-destructive methods

      - Magnetic method (FerroScan)
      - Electromagnetic method (C-Scan)
      - Steel hardness measurements
      - Corrosion rate measurements

  • Destructive methods

      - Uncovering and sampling
      - Tension tests
      - Chemical composition of steel rebars (welding capacity)