Non Vibrating Diamond Sawing of Concrete

Testing of Current Structures

Non Destructive & Destructive Concrete Testing

Stone made structures & Listed buildings

Post Fire Concrete Testing

Structural Rehabilitation – Protection of Current Structures

Infrastructure Redevelopment in New Medical Equipment Areas

Project Management

Concrete Quality Management


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Main Company Services




CERS-Structural Rehabilitation operates in the following areas:



1. Structural Rehabilitation – Strengthening – Protection of Current Structures

2. Non Vibrating Diamond Sawing of Concrete

  • Diamond wall sawing
  • Diamond wire cutting
  • Diamond drilling
  • Hydraulic diamond Crasher
  • Non Explosive Concrete Demolition

3. Testing of Current Structures

    - Schmidt Hammer
    - Pull out testing
    - Ultrasound Pulse Velocity
    - Rebar Scanning
    - Half cell potential / Chloride concentration
    - Concrete sample core drilling
    - Concrete Carbonication depth measurement

    - Endoscopy
    - Flat Jacks
    - Schmidt Hammer
    - Ultrasound Pulse Velocity
    - Chemical analysis of mortar
    - Masonry Pathology

    - Concrete Carbonication / Calcification depth


4. Project Management

  • Design Management
  • Tendering & Contracting Management
  • Construction Management/Supervision
  • Time schedule management
  • Certification of completion of works
  • Structure Maintenance Services


5. Concrete Quality Management




CERS Medical Division operates in the following areas

CERS - Medical Facilities Division

logo small-CERS-Medical-Division

CERS - Medical Services Division